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The success and goodwill of Masstechlace, UNIP. LDA., is a result of healthy investment in the Research and Development and also maintaining healthy relations with clients, employees, vendors and all the rest partners.

Board of Directors

The board is diligently assigned which comprises of thee Directors, who with their rich knowledge and experience implements the strategy and management to achieve the goal.

Back Office

The Department that executes back office operations is highly valued by us. As Back office assures us for the procurement or hire of raw materials and spare parts from local and international markets. And this aids us to offer superior products and offer best in class services to the customers on behalf of our projects. This department also assists in establishing and improving inventory control of our material and manufacturing components. For higher efficiency and accuracy we implement on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and Automation System for Information Exchange and Trade. The planning done by Back office of our company aids in every sector of our business functioning.


The marketing plan is fledged with the help of our C.E.O., who approves the new projects that is represented to the Board of Directors. New Protocols are continuously negotiated and established for commercializing the new projects and corresponding IP Rights. And also the sponsoring network is maintained and informed by us on a regular basis for the progress of our projects.

Technical Department

This department collects and organizes the presentations and prospects of the applicants for our projects, so that we assure to implement upon the best ideas and designs. Experts of Technical Department also helps us to comply on the selected projects with the help of research and development, or to attest the prototypes that are presented by the respected applicants. It also keeps a strict vigilante upon procedures of production, assembly and packaging.


We are operating in a market which is still constrained to basic methods and business strategies in an adequate sector coordination. However, our market strategies emphasizes upon the importance to strengthen the relations with the customers and other company. (Porter, 1998; UNCTAD, 1998; OECD, 1999).


We solemnly rely upon the researches and observations so as to discover more business opportunities for our organization. The hired experts sincerely understands their role for appreciating and maintaining relationships with development agents and project partners.


Our prime target is to acclaim a recognition among industrial researchers, business clusters, market managers and other entrepreneurs. We also focus on innovating new technologies that will help us get a reputed designation among the worldwide.

Emerging from an idea and a technical product development

New and more advanced development processes of our company are emerged from regular market research and technological analysis.


In this highly competitive market our networking philosophy is to primarily serve the Asian Countries. And we excel among our competition, by employing highly responsible labor and catering the products and services to the customers.


Korfly- Our company deals in a wide range of PVC, EVA, Silicone, Leather, PU, Textiles and Nylon made Disassemble Sleepers and Sandals, under our own brand KorFly. The offered sandals and sleepers are designed in accordance to match the trends of the wearer. The aforesaid footwear is suitable to be worn whether the customers are indoors or outdoors. Highly demanded for quality, the array of footwear is made out of the best grade raw material, and processed diligently so that it will have a long life, high dependability and less chances of breaking.

Depoflex- Under the name of Depoflex, we offer Flexible Multipurpose Tank. By having features such as no emission of ultra-violet, Impact and Heat resistant, Anti Fungal & Anti Flame, Light weight, etc., the Multipurpose tank which we offer is extensively used for military purposes, Fire Fighting Expandable Tanks, To hold liquids, and many other. The straps which are made out of polyamide is used for making the outer skirts of the tank, and for Inner Skirt, a container built by ultrasonic seam welding is used. This construction of the tank helps in assuring its light weight and all the aforesaid features.

FlapTie- We are deemed to offer Multipurpose Double latch Zip Tie, under the brand of FlapTie. These ties are extensively used for temporary or permanent fastening purposes and are highly required for tying Wire or cable, hose or pipes, reams of paper and plastic, and many other.


The partnerships which we have maintained, enables our savers to overcome the traps such as bank foreclosures, economic bubbles, subprimes and many other critical financial situations. Eventually it is proven to our partners that the direct investments in our company, allows various benefits to them. We firmly believe that every invested cent, should directly be utilizable towards the implementation and development of the products and services. This opportunates to take a leap in this trend based and technologically boosting market. So that we can give the right returns to the individuals financial decisions. Stated below are the projects on the basis of which we assure huge turnovers:-
  • Development in science and theory phases of products.
  • Prototype phase of Laboratory.
  • Development phases of industrial prototypes.
  • Market researches and business development projects.
  • Market research and business project development.
  • Filling of patent.
  • Marketing campaigns.

Any item holding a high financial value within or for the company or an individual which may be converted into currency, is identified as Assets. These assets are generally categorized into two categories Tangible assets, which includes buildings, tools, stocks, etc, or Intangible assets in which Trademark, goodwill, patents, copyrights and many more are listed. The Assets of our company are not made available to the public, as we restrict the purchases to only qualified members who are personally invited. And the selection of these members is sincerely based upon the Portuguese law and legal regulations. SLA (Shareholder Law Agreement) and Crowdfunding are two of those regulations on the basis of which we value each of our Asset, so that we meet the tax obligations.


Shareholder Law Agreement is not a contemporary legal figure of Portuguese Legislation. It has been existing in the industry for years. This law leads to make detailed analysis which portrays the growing importance of good backup of finances prior to the times of crisis. The SLA aids in the time of weakened Portuguese Banking System, as it works as a mechanism to surpass the capital insufficiency. This agreement is generally acquired to have a win-win situation prior to the times of crisis, and being particularly obedient on the usage of current investments.


The sponsoring of Crowdsourcing has been a longstanding issue for Portuguese law, as this process, ascertains the parties of our company towards achievement of a relevant solution, to their problems related to finances.

Praceta Filipa De Vilhena, No. 3 – 1A, Massama, Lisbon - 2745-776, Lisboa e Vale do Tejo, Portugal
Phone :351-93-9182666
Mr. Eduardo Pereira (Project Manager)
Mobile :+351966141827, +351939182666, +351963247434, +351963099306

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